Florida foliage growers need our help!

10/24/17. UPDATE: Applications have closed. Our CPA’s are tallying amounts now to have a final figure of money available to growers. We had 7 growers apply and look forward to providing them checks next week.

10/15/17. UPDATE: We have raised over $17,000 thanks to the generosity of people like you! Donations have been closed. GROWERS HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER 20, 2017 TO APPLY FOR FUNDS. PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO DONATIONS@MORNINGDEWTROPICAL.COM:

Copies of the invoices you have for any of the following:

  1. Structures/structure repair/poles
  2. Shade cloth/plastic
  3. Benches
  4. Cabling/wire
  5. Irrigation repair/replacement
  6. Other items you feel should be considered

Here is the tentative timeline for assistance:

We will receive donations up until October 15. Applications for relief will have the deadline of October 20, and we hope to issue payments by October 31.

Don’t forget to apply for aid from Green Plants for Green Buildings here:

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9/12/17.  I went to Homestead today to see firsthand what growers were Nursery-Hurricane-Irma4experiencing after Hurricane Irma hit this weekend. Not all were impacted, and many had little or no damage. There were others that had somewhere between 20-70% damage. There are a few that were total crop losses. I spoke with two nurserymen who had significant losses, and they said it wasn’t as bad as after hurricanes like Andrew, Wilma, and others. Some, however, were so distraught from the loss they didn’t want to get out of bed today. They each said “We’ll rebuild,” with a smile on their sun and wind-burned faces, but their conviction was tired.  

This weekend, Homestead endured about 24 hours of extremely high winds. Unfortunately, as those of us familiar with the structures of most nurseries know, it doesn’t take much to cause catastrophic damage to plants. The architecture for these shade-houses where most plants are grown are comprised of shade cloth and plastic stretched atop poles.  When these go in the wake of something like Hurricane Irma, even the plants that tenaciously survive the wind then get exposed to full sun, and it doesn’t take long to make those unusable: They may be damaged, drenched, shredded, or discolored.  

The growers asked me to do something, anything, so that we can help get them back on their feet. Some suggested Nursery-Hurricane-Irma2that all customers pay outstanding balances to get an immediate financial boost. Others requested a price increase. I want to offer more. 

The overhead and administration costs will be covered completely by Morning Dew Tropical Plants. The premise is simple: you can donate $1 or $100,000 (or anything in between). 100% of the funds donated will be used to repay growers on verified invoices for supplies and repairs used to rebuild. Growers will submit invoices for participation in this program. The entire program will be audited by a third-party CPA firm.


“The premise is simple: you can donate $1 or $100,000 (or anything in between). 100% of the funds donated will be used to repay growers on verified invoices for supplies and repairs used to rebuild.”


We visit every nursery that benefits the interior plant world and this year the impact of natural disasters is a straw trying to break the backs of these hard-working American growers, some who have dedicated their lives to producing the highest quality tropical plants in the world. These hard working growers would never ask for this, but we as an industry can unite to give them the shot in the arm they need to recover. Not just because it keeps the supply of quality plants strong, but because they need us. 


Kingston White, President

Morning Dew Tropical Plants

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For more information regarding the Help Growers Rebuild Fund please email

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